Game Console

9,03 $23,12 $

Content of the game:

A hit the tank 

 BCDE squash 

 GF racing car 

 H I bricks 

 J snakes

K frog across the river 

 LM Tetris 

 N O Variable Tetris

The PORSTUVWXYZ is all about moving the Tetris (the bricks stacked below are moving from left to right, making the game more difficult). 

 Key function: 

 RESET reset key to restore the game to its initial state. 

 SOUND voice switch

 PAUSE/START pause / continue key

ON/OFF open key 

 UP DOWN: It’s hard to adjust the game by pressing up or down 1-99 (in the middle of the screen) before the game starts.





Weight 0,10 kg
Dimensions 250 × 80 × 50 cm

Black, Bule, Green, Random, Red, Yellow


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