Intelligent magnetic digital home camera

22,56 $

Resolution: 1920*1080P / 1280*720P, 6 night vision infrared lights.

Recording time: 70 minutes or so

Charging time: 2 hours

Battery: 170MAH


1. the small size makes it easier to hide (2.5×2.5×2.6cm)

2. has vivid, clear pictures at 1080P HD

3. Improved Invisible Night Vision with 6 LED Lights

4. Clear display in low light environments

5. Motion detection mode only records when motion is detected

6. Built-in 200 mAh battery lasts up to 75 minutes when fully charged

7. Can be used in home, office, warehouse, shop, backyard, garden, etc.

7. Easily loop video and show / hide timestamp

9. can load and save simultaneously


1) This mini-camera does not include a memory card can not work.

2) If you do not have a memory card, we have memory cards for sale in our store.

3) For more details, please consult the details page of our store.

Weight 0,15 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm



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