Mini folding studio set

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Dual LED light bar

Headlamp beads, high brightness, no stroboscopic shooting. A new generation of photography experience! Dear, this still needs to master the method. The magnet on the shed’s six long wings was strong enough. The manufacturer makes it easy to carry and pack. Folded, it makes the purchased dear friends feel unstable when used. But this time please before use will be six wings to break, juncture place have two joint groove, there is a cross border is the wing outside can be used up to the strength of the undertaking, slight break still make it erect state with horizontal form an Angle of 90 degrees, so this time with a magnet suck up will be more secure.




Number of LED lights: 2 light boards (total 70 beads)

Lamp color temperature: 6000K

Input voltage: 5V / 1A

Power: 4.7W

Material: PP plastic + EVA back cloth

Background cloth: black / white / red / green / yellow / blue (one each)

Applicable shooting products: toys, accessories, watches, mobile phone models, fruits, cakes, crafts, etc.

Weight 0,50 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 60 cm

Black2, White, White 6 background, White2, WhiteS


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