RGB 5050 Flexible Led Strip Lights SMD 12V DC

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LED Type: SMD  3528/5050

Quantity: 3528/5050 is 30leds/Meter 

Working Input Voltage: DC12V

Working Temperature: -20 ° ~ 60 °

Waterproof level: IP20 Non-waterproof

LED quantity: 30LEDS/m, 300 LEDs Lifetime: 50,000+ hours

Working Temperature: -20°C-60°CInput/Output: 12V

Product Features:

Super bright:

Use hight brightness superb SMD 3528 150LEDs/5M  type,high intensity and reliability LED light strip which gives a super bright light.

Stable and safest:
12V low working voltage durable power supply, more security and stabilty extremely low heat. It’s can be change the color via the controller.3 colors option(Red,Green,Blue).

Cuttable every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, according to requirement.

Environmental Friendly:
Low carbon, no radiation, no flicker, and no pollution to human and environment.

Other Functions:
You can choose different colors, adjust brightness, turn On/Off, control modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, RGB Smooth-change, Static as you like.Multi-Color LED Strip that can change color by using the remote controller.It has mutli colors.

(Note: When displaying colors other than red, green and blue, the effect is not obvious,Under the adjustment of three single-color lamp beads, it is not a single lamp bead display)

8 light pattern:
Quick/ Slow/ Auto/ Flash/ 3 color jumpy change/ 3 color fade change and R/G/B increase and decrease control.

Ideal decoration choice for household lights DIY,stairs, trails,windows,Garden,swimming pool, party,disco,exhibition room, private club ,hotels,Theaters,shopping malls, bridge edge lighting,christmas trees,festivals and performances use.etc.

Weight 0,07 kg
Dimensions 155 × 150 × 15 cm
Input Voltage



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