Wireless GPS Signal Detector Scanner

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Product features:

Multiple ways to detect hidden shots 

Can detect wireless lenses with a radio frequency detection function

Can be scanned with the naked eye to detect various lenses through red highlights

Detection frequency range can be up to 1mhz-6.5ghz

Can effectively detect wireless wired cameras

Wireless detection of a variety of prompt functions: voice prompt, vibration prompt, LED indicator light prompt

Can be connected to the headset, with a more hidden way to detect

Wireless signal strength indication, fast localization signal source

Sensitivity of detection can be adjusted

Built – in rechargeable lithium battery. Lasts 5 hours

Volume is very small and very portable 

Technical parameters:

Detection frequency range: 1mhz-6.5ghz

Size: 65mm X 48mm X15mm

Antenna length: 123mm

Power: built-in 3.7v 500mA

Charging voltage: 5-6VDC

Consumption current: within 100mA

Product packaging contents: Host 1 X 1

One X 1 charger

Product application: 

Video scanning CCD and CMOS lens contain wire and wireless, including camera equipment such as mobile phone lens, digital camera, and camera. It also has a high sensitivity detection function for remote monitoring of voice equipment based on GSM signal. 

The operation is simple and green environmental protection equipment has no negative effect on people and things beautiful appearance, aluminum alloy shell, small size, lightweight, easy to carry.

There is a small compass under the front of the product, for the blue background, easy to indicate direction, suitable for the needs of professionals; Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Can be used for about 5 hours continuouslySmall size and lightweight:

Weight 0,17 kg
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 40 cm



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